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2022-2023 Nipomo FFA Leadership Team

Celebration and Achievements:

-Morgan Doss

-Lily Hinds

-Rebecca Nichols

-Diana Cruz

-Sebastian Monterrosa







Outreach and Spirit:

-Luke Dale

-Olivia Sparks

-Alyssa Morelos









-Cole Dale

-Lily Starr










The Nipomo FFA Leadership team is selected every spring for the following academic year.  Team members are required to take the Ag Leadership course during their year of service.  The course allows the team to work closely together on all aspects of running a superior FFA chapter, gain practical hands-on experience leading peer groups, and learn more about leadership and motivation theories through coursework.


In order to be selected for the Leadership Team, students must go through an application and interview process.  This determines which students will be allowed to serve on the leadership team. The selection committee is composed of the the chapter advisors and graduating senior members of the leadership team. Administrators, or other faculty may also be a part of the selection committee. 


Not all applicants who apply are the right fit for the leadership team.  Students who are interested in serving on the leadership team are encouraged to become as involved as possible within the chapter to increase their chance of selection. Involvement in chapter activities is a primary criteria for selecting students to be on the Leadership Team. Other considerations include:


  • Academic achievement

  • Personal responsibility

  • Involvement with judging teams

  • Involvement with public speaking events and other CDE's above the chapter level

  • Involvement in sectional and regional FFA leadership


Leadership team members are required to attend the Leadership Retreat in August preceding their year of service. Other retreats may be scheduled throughout the year as determined by the team and advisors.


Video Production:

-Caitlyn Schaffer

-Leslie Barrueta

-Sadie Veino








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