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FFA COOPs Documents

The Marketing event seeks to effectively prepare the students with the practices and operations of Agricultural Cooperatives.  Workers seeking careers in cooperative marketing must not only develop a high degree of knowledge and skill they must also develop the ability to solve difficult problems.  This event blends the testing of manipulative skills and knowledge required for careers in operations and marketing.  

The Opening/Closing Ceremonies competition is the largest contest that Nipomo FFA participates in annually. Students compete in teams of six, assuming the rolls of the chapter president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, and sentinel. These members memorize and recite the entire ceromony. Members 

The purpose of this contest is to enhance learning activities related to milk quality, federal milk marketing, attributes of milk products and substitutes for them. The focus of this Career Development Event is on achievement of high quality raw milk, federal milk marketing orders and attributes of selected products of milk. 

Project Competition is a sectional competition that allows students with outstanding SAE projects to compete aginst their peers throughout their section to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in their project area. Students are judged based on a rubric by adult members of the local community.Winners are chosen based on the knowledge and skill of the competitior as evidenced during a project visit.

Opening/Closing Ceremonies Documents

FFA Marketing Contest

Opening/Closing Ceremonies Contest

Milk Quality & Dairy Foods Documents

Milk Quality & Dairy Foods Contest

Livestock Evaluation Documents

Livestock Evaluation Contest

The Veterinary Science event seeks to effectively prepare the students for the expectations of the animal health care and services (Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics, Grooming Facilities, Pet Stores, Kennels/Boarding Facilities, and Feed Stores) workplace.  Workers seeking careers in the animal health care field must develop a high degree of knowledge, skill and ability to solve difficult problems. This event blends the testing of skills and knowledge required for careers in the animal science career pathway.

Veterinary Science Documents

The purpose of this competition is to understand and to interpret the value of performance data based on industry standards and to measure the students' knowledge in the following categories:

  • to make accurate observations of livestock

  • to determine the desirable traits in animals

  • to make logical decisions based on these observations

  • to discuss and to defend their decisions for their placing

  • to instill an appreciation for desirable selection, management and marketing techniques

  • to develop the ability to select and market livestock that will satisfy consumer demands and provide increased economic returns to producers. Provide positive economic returns to producers as well as meet the needs of the industry.

  • to become proficient in communicating in the terminology of the industry and the consumer.

Veterinary Science Contest

Project Competition Documents

Project Competition

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