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Cynthia Leon - sentinal - chapter operations



Birth Place/Hometown/Birthday: Nipomo California December 5th 2006

Year in School: Sophomore

Education/Career Goals: Becoming a veterinarian, Longest Ride, A walk to remember By Nicholas Sparks

Favorite Movie/Book/Color: The Nightmare Before Christmas / Island of The Blue Dolphins/ Red

Sports/Hobbies: Water Polo & Swimming and Diving, Hobbies- watching romance movies, collecting sandglass & seashells, collecting dollar bills from different countries

Influential People:  Mom, Dad, aunt

Favorite Non-Agriculture Subject: History 

FFA Accomplishments: Slated Officer, Greenhand degree
FFA Goals: To participate in LDE’s & CDE’s and hopefully impacted the team

Agriculture SAE(s)/Projects: Built a chicken coop for Spring SAE




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