Robert Esquibel - Leadership Team - multi-Media



Birth Place/Hometown/Birthday:  San Luis Obispo/ Nipomo / 8-13-04

Year in School: Senior

Education/Career Goals: Going to Cal Poly and getting a Bachelors in Ag Business and opening up my own floral shop.

Favorite Movie/Book/Color: Atlantis/ Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry/ Navy Blue

Sports/Hobbies: Piano, Cooking, & Reading.

Influential People:  My Grandpa

Favorite Non-Agriculture Subject: History

FFA Accomplishments: 3rd Place Sectional Creed Finalist, 2 time Outstanding Treasure for O.C, 2nd Place Impromtu O'neals Minerates Invitational, & State Qualifying Parli Pro.

FFA Goals: One FFA goal my team to be a state finalist for Parli Pro

Agriculture SAE(s)/Projects: Dry Farming Research, Planter boxes, & Lemos Feed & Pet Supply.