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Brayan Romero - Chapter Operations



Birth Place/Hometown/Birthday: Born in Ventura California on January 18, 2005 and raised in Oxnard for most of my life

Year in School: Senior.

Education/Career Goals: study to become a surgeon to be able to help out people and give them a second chance at a better life in the future.

Favorite Movie/Book/Color: Favorite color is most likely yellow or light blue because it just has a warm feeling to it and red too.

Sports/Hobbies: I enjoy to draw from time to time and listening to music, or spending time with my dog when I can.

Influential People: I would say my Father and Mother were the most influential on me since they have taught me different things and have open minds along with an open heart in their own way.

Favorite Non-Agriculture Subject: Avid or English

FFA Accomplishments: Got Outstanding chair 2 for Parli Pro, Got a proficiency in fruit Production, Got Reserve Champion for Market Turkey

FFA Goals: Raise another pig and take it to fair this time, Get my State degree, Get involved in Parli Pro once more, take my brother to state conference.

Agriculture SAE(s)/Projects: Built a greenhouse and helped raise cilantro, Grew tomatoes and other vegetales, Job shadowed a berry Picker, Worked at J & G Berry Farms, Raised a pig and Turkey.





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