Ahtziry Lemus -President-Celebration & Achievements

Birth Place/Hometown/Birthday: Santa Maria, CA/ Nipomo, CA/ January 17, 2005

Year in School: Junior

Education/Career Goals: Go straight to a four year and become an Ag teacher.

Favorite Movie/Book/Color: Avengers: Infinity War/ November 9/ Blue

Sports/Hobbies: Baking

Influential People: AOC, Nydella Zarate, Harry Styles

Favorite Non-Agriculture Subject: Histroy

FFA Accomplishments: Officer as Sophomore & Junior, 5th place at Sectional BIG contest, high chair at novice sectional & Regional Parli Pro contest, high chair at advanced sectional Parli Pro, etc.

FFA Goals: Be in Office all 3 years of high school.

Agriculture SAE(s)/Projects: Job shadowing livestock nutritionist, agriscience contest.