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Dora Echavarria  - Leadership team- Community Service



Birth Place/Hometown/Birthday: San Luis Obispo/Nipomo in 2nd grade. My birthday is August 15th, 2005

Year in School: Senior

Education/Career Goals: My Education/Career Goals are to attend medical school to get my degree in Sports medicine before attending Art school in Tokyo 

Favorite Movie/Book/Color: My favorite movie is Cry baby or Mi Famila. My favorite book is “The boy with knowing” by J.C, “What if it's us” and “here's to us” by A.S and B.A and “They both die in the end” by A.S.

Sports/Hobbies: Sports I play are Waterpolo, Wrestling, and track and field. My hobbies are art, baking, and music.
Influential People: Influential people in my life are my brother who served in the FFA before me, My Uncle and Cousin who were both Olympic wrestlers, Babe Ruth because it's babe ruth, and definitely my papa Danny who has always been there for me.

Favorite Non-Agriculture Subject: History

FFA Accomplishments: Some of my biggest Accomplishments in the FFA were getting my state degree, Being accepted into Leadership all three years, and being slated into an officer position even though I didn't win, which means someone believed I could have.

FFA Goals: My goal is to influence younger generations to join the FFA Family and become greater members of our already great chapter.

Agriculture SAE(s)/Projects: My Biggest SAE was when I raised my chickens because it was a big responsibility and I did it all on my own.


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